In line with our policy of closely monitoring the recommendations and tastes of our most demanding clients, we took no time at all in facing the challenge involved in creating a parallel barrel shotgun that could benefit from the experience and techniques achieved from years of experience manufacturing over-and-under models. Our side by side, the Imperial, features exceptional balance and strength without foregoing any elegance. It concentrates all the mechanical and designs virtues since our founding over 30 years ago.

Designed for practical hunting, the Imperial was developed for the traditional hunter who favors traditional, quality shotguns. The side by side offers unquestionable advantages for different kinds of hunting. The Imperial is hand engraved by the company’s leading artists. Each is unique and incorporates the best walnut available in the world.

In tune with our other offerings, the Imperial is offered in both Steel and Titanium receiver versions, with the latter being lighter weight and built just as tough.  Kemen was a pioneer for making shotgun receivers out of Titanium and has received international acclaim from the world’s top hunters.

The Imperial is available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge and made to custom specifications. Contact us today to get started.

  • Available in single or double trigger with detachable battery, automatic ejector or self extract.

  • It is possible for sets of matched shotguns to be presented by pairs, trios, quartets, etc. with engraving selected among our catalog patterns or reproduced according to your desired design. In any case, they will be hand-made and signed by a master engraver.

  • The Imperial is available in four styles of stocks: full pisotl grip, semi-pistol grip, English straight-grip or swan neck. Al of which have a constant feature: a deluxe or grand luxe construction from fine woods. The forends can be the beavertail or splinter.

Strength, Quality & Excellence

Proven Results

Some call it the “cult of quality”, others call it the “sense of perfection”, while some go even further and refer to the “state of excellence” when trying to define the philosophy of work that characterized Kemen. However, when it comes down to it, what really counts are the results. We should remember that the living rooms of some of the top marksmen are full of top trophies obtained using our guns, something borne out by official statistics and at shooting ranges anywhere you care to look.