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Kemen offers high-grade shotguns designed specifically for hunting. Whether your game is grouse in Michigan, doves in Argentina, driven pheasants in England or red-legged partridge in Spain, a reliable and well-balanced shotgun is a must. Our game guns are lightweight, fast pointing, and well balanced.

Kemen hunting shotguns are based off of the same, robust Boss-style action as the sporting models. The main difference between our hunting and sporting models lies in the stock and forend configuration, barrel length, and receiver composition. Our game guns have a specially selected stock and forend that blends aesthetic design and quality materials with practical effectiveness.

In addition to steel, we offer shotguns with Titanium receivers which offer  the same reliability, toughness and strength as the best of steels, but with less weight. Kemen was a pioneer for making shotgun receivers out of Titanium and has received international acclaim from the world’s top hunters.  Our over/unders with Titanium bodies reduce the weight by about 14 ounces (400 grams) against steel yet still provide a soft shooting experience. The reduction in weight, could be considered as a negative aspect in that it is normal for lighter guns to have more recoil. However, this is not so with the Kemen as a result of being carefully paired with unique stock and grip dimensions along with our Progressive Forcing Cone System. 

Kemen hunting guns are available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge and made to custom specifications. Contact us today to get started.

  • Our proprietary Progressive Forcing Cone System makes the recoil softer, reduces the deformation of pellets and allows the end user to use cartridges of any length offered by the caliber.

  • Kemen game guns are offered in both steel and titanium receivers. Barrels, mono block, and bifurcated bolt are made with 4340 chrome-moly steel and heat treated after machining for strength.

  • The detachable trigger uses a unique geometry such that the springs are not prone to wear and the selector can be moved/changed at any time without fear of doubling.

Strength, Quality & Excellence

Proven Results

Some call it the “cult of quality”, others call it the “sense of perfection”, while some go even further and refer to the “state of excellence” when trying to define the philosophy of work that characterized Kemen. However, when it comes down to it, what really counts are the results. We should remember that the living rooms of some of the top marksmen are full of top trophies obtained using our guns, something borne out by official statistics and at shooting ranges anywhere you care to look.