High-Grade Hunting Guns

Kemen offers luxurious hunting guns for the most discerning hunters.

Kemen offers luxurious steel and titanium hunting guns for the most discerning hunters.

Kemen hunting guns are a perfect blend of function and fashion.



Built To Last

Kemen guns feature superior metellurgy using 4130 chrome moly steel or titanium, hardened and heat treated after machining.

Superbly Balanced

Kemen barrels are light for length, low recoiling and offer a unique pointability


All Kemen shotguns are warrantied for life and offer a 2 year stock warranty.

Inspired Perfection

Among other top-of-the-range features, our shotguns allow you to choose between single or double trigger models, according to the taste of each client. In both cases, the pressure needed covers a variable range from 700 to 1,000 grams for the first shot and from 1,250 to 1,500 grams for the second shot, respectively. The reason behind this original system is entirely technical. The pressure never changes no matter how many times you fire and the trigger never stiffens up due to overheating.